she baked a pie

this is a blueberry pie. the blueberry pie to end all blueberry pies.

i don’t typically do much in the pie baking world. i’ve eaten my share of gloopy fillings, neon red fillings (how do the grocery store bakeries get their cherries to glow? it makes me nervous.), and oddly textured crusts, so “bake a pie” is rarely on the to-do list. but the other morning i woke up thinking about blueberry pie. there were some rules, though. it needed to have a non-gloopy filling, lemon of some sort, and a crunchy crust.

i came across Dorothy’s Fresh Blueberry Pie at Shockingly Delicious and figured it would be a winner. only 1 1/2 cups of the 5 cups of blueberries are cooked. the remaining fresh blueberries are folded into the cooked mixture and then poured into a blind baked crust. my one change to the recipe was that i added 2 extra teaspoons of lemon juice, but next time i might decrease the sugar a bit.

for the crust i went with a gingersnap crust. it was a good recipe, but i think i might increase the number of gingersnaps for a thicker crust next time.

and the finished product? just about perfect. perfect for summer-like weather. perfect with whipped cream. perfect for devouring when the house buying situation is getting a bit frustrating, odd, ridiculous…take your pick.

now go bake a pie.


3 thoughts on “she baked a pie

  1. I hear you on the gloppy fillings! My mom was a good pie baker and I like baking them too…but I agree! Fresh fillings are key! 🙂 Yours looks REALLY good!

  2. How wonderful that you made my pie! So glad it worked out for you. I love it, and now I need to get some blueberries because it is definitely pie season!

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