Men in Black 3 is my new favorite movie

this is uncle joey.

also known as the brother-in-law of a woman who, shamefully, has only taken two decent pictures of him with one of her children in the past two years. (look how tiny she is. gah.)

also known as the person who can get my kids in fits of hysterical laughter within minutes of walking in the door or connecting to skype.

also known as one of the few puerto ricans who makes me look tan. ha!

also known as victor joel ortiz, the actor.

also known as Air Force MP #1 in the new Men in Black 3.

also known as the man who sat next to me in the movie theater on monday who was exceedingly grateful that his sister-in-law held in her pride and decided against squealing and whooping when it was time for his lines. i just squealed quietly.

we’re so proud of you, joe.