these three

there is some quirkiness to our new house. i like quirk, but perhaps the one bit of quirk that gives me pause is that all three kids will be in the same room (the 3rd bedroom is more of an open loft for the time being). i know they’ll love it, and i love that they’ll love it. but i also know that their room will often be very. very. loud. they’ve recently hit a playing groove that involves all three of them, often with minimal squabbling, but the sound level? i should record a little video of the action so that you, too, can experience it: whizzing nerf darts, hummed renditions of star wars, lenna’s screeches and giggles, instructions from one boy to the other as to what they are pretending next, and a christmas carol thrown in to round it all out. sweet times right now that i’m learning to smile at more and more. very loud. but very sweet.

**pictures are my best recent attempts at a group shot. sigh.**


One thought on “these three

  1. Your children are gorgeous. We have three little ones at home too, and yes, the sound level is a little unnerving sometimes, but just love seeing them all playing together and getting along (with “minimal squabbling”, as you say).
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Found your blog via Jenna’s.

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