party for two

lenna is officially two. she scored some balloons, cooking tools, an apron (i found another good use for anthropologie dishtowels), and most importantly, a Rio card with stickers. and we got to eat lots of lemon curd to celebrate.


7 thoughts on “party for two

  1. The apron is adorable, and the lap full-o-kids is pretty cute, too. Do you ever sit back and wonder over how you came to have all these children?? I love seeing your growing family!

    1. no pattern. i had a kid sized apron on hand and used that to get an idea for where to cut it. super easy. i left the bottom hem and one side hem so that made two less hems i needed to do. i was going to sew straps but ended up cutting off the ties from the old kids apron i had and hand stitched them on. you should make one for luci. there are so many cute dishtowels there right now.

      1. Such a genius idea, can’t wait to try it! Also, how do you like that wooden tea set you got for Lenna awhile back? Can you actually put water in it?

        1. lenna still loves the tea set. and we’ve only lost one of the tea bags…i’m still shocked that that’s the only piece we’ve lost! i laughed when you asked about water because oddly enough i’ve never even thought about it! she always just pretends (or puts bits of her snack in it) and has never asked. but i don’t we why you wouldn’t be able to. i just wouldn’t let it sit in it.

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