almost 2

she’ll be two tomorrow. hard to believe. i can’t imagine my days without her, and just two years ago she wasn’t here quite yet. she’s tough to capture on camera these days, but i was persistent today. very persistent.

she’s a lover of all things breakfast related so there is a breakfast birthday celebration in store for her tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “almost 2

  1. That second photo made me laugh out loud. And I agree with Lenna on the breakfast food! 🙂 Happy birthday celebrations.

    1. i still laugh sometimes when i see her earrings. growing up, it was a big deal to get your ears pierced (and you had to be around 10). in latin culture? it’s a big deal if it’s not done at birth. kidding. sort of. it really wasn’t a big deal. omar held her with her arms down and it took a couple of second. there was a brief freak-out and then she was fine.

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