april eighteenth

our house is from the 1920s, but it was gutted and redone before we moved in so we never got to peel off paint or search in attics to find things from decades and decades ago. but my parents’ new home has turned up a few cool finds. they pulled off some floor-to-ceiling mirrors and look what was behind them. it’s up for debate as to whether or not it’s a stencil or wallpaper but i love it. and it looks similar to so much of the wallpaper i’m seeing pop up on design sites these days. i’m wracking my brain trying to remember where i saw a similar pattern used in an entryway. i don’t think my parents shared in my excitement in quite the same way, but if it wasn’t damaged i think i could’ve won them over. at least it was a fun find.

(p.s. happy birthday to omar. there is a celebratory michael’s genuine food and drink lunch date in his honor on friday. pictures and food-related gushing are forthcoming.)


3 thoughts on “april eighteenth

  1. Love it! When we pulled off our enormous wall length mirrors in what is now our school room/my office, there was some really interesting wallpaper behind it that I could almost have turned into something cool/retro/kitschy, but for the mold and the glue spots left on it from the mirror… Now this room is Betty Draper blue with Joel Dewberry on the windows and I love it. 🙂

    1. yeah, it was the glue spots that pretty much doomed the wallpaper. i wonder if anyone has ever uncovered old wallpaper and been able to actually use it?? but betty draper blue sounds like a lovely alternative.

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