april fourteenth

well, what is this? more Candyland? yes, but for some reason playing with the one from my childhood at grandma and grandpa’s isn’t as bad. i don’t really mind Candyland that much (and i’m not above stacking the deck when things start getting out of hand). it’s Chutes and Ladders that really gets me. fortunately they’re not so into that one.

omar and i both enjoy games and look forward to the day when we pull out Settlers of Catan or Cathedral or Carcassonne with them. there is a kid’s Carcassonne but i think we’re still on the youngish side for that. soon.

after games and lots of grandparent time, we all headed to downtown west palm for celebratory pizza and cannoli for omar’s birthday. asher prayed for dinner and then declared, “wow! that was the best prayer ever!” hilarious.


2 thoughts on “april fourteenth

  1. Ooh! I didn’t know you were a Carcassonne fan! And I was introduced to Siedler (Settlers’ German name) while living in Germany 15 years ago…we love it! Our son is 8 and finally old enough to play Siedler. We started Carcassonne with them when they were 5.5 and 7.5…although you need the river expansion set to make it fun for them…and they still don’t have the strategy to win yet. I haven’t heard of Cathedral. I’ll have to look that one up!

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