april tenth

today found us getting back into the swing of day-to-day life. the cousins are gone. spring break is over. easter week has come and gone.

elisha read and wrote some numbers. asher dabbled in some reading and excitedly wrote the word “cat.” i read them a book about johhny appleseed, and now they have big plans for me to make apple butter tomorrow.

but today there was granola. orangette’s new granola. our new favorite granola that is made with coconut chips and drowned in maple syrup and olive oil. i follow the recipe but decrease the sugar by half, throw in a few more pecans and coconut chips, and add some freshly grated nutmeg. because i always add nutmeg. to almost everything.

One thought on “april tenth

  1. This was much too good; however, I don’t need more of these can’t-leave-it-alone foods around! I even think your brother would approve of this not-too-sweet recipe & it’s lots cheaper than his favorite.

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