april eighth – easter

post-easter celebration pool lounge. and like the good ortiz boy that he is, he does it with a book. i got in the pool, too. fully dressed in linen and silk and sparkly necklace. to rescue my slip-footed girl. twice.


3 thoughts on “april eighth – easter

  1. Oh dear. Too bad about the fancy clothes in the pool, but glad you were there quick enough to grab Lenna. I wondered about that the other day when you posted the photo of her perched on the edge of the pool. Are your kids pretty good swimmers? I am totally jealous of your pool, by the way. Can we come hang out?? 😀

  2. elisha is a good swimmer. asher is pretty good once we get back into the swing of swim lessons. but he is more timid around water. it’s one of the few things in life he is cautious with. lenna doesn’t swim yet. she had baby survival skills last year and will continue that this summer. i just sit close by when they’re in there and figure falling in is just part of life in florida with a pool. when it happens i always try to make sure they get right back in the water…kind of like getting back on the horse after falling. but after slip-up number two yesterday, she was done. she kept saying, “boom! agua! boom!” poor thing. and come over anytime. we even have a cottage next to the pool for visitors 😉

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