april sixth

rainy morning breakfast with omar. french toast and too many refills of coffee. telling him how elisha asked me the night before if he was going to lose his baby tongue and get an adult tongue when his teeth start falling out. telling him i want to try and start up sabbath dinners again. or at least try to.

sunny afternoon lunch at my parents’. kids eating and my mom sharing her love of shirley temple’s heidi. pulling out my cello to play rusty scales and flip through music at the piano.

good friday evening service at church. singing songs we know by heart. dinner of lamb stew and fresh bread at a friend’s. kids partying past their bedtimes.


2 thoughts on “april sixth

    1. it’s up there on the “funny things my kids say list.” my dad was a dentist and said he’d never heard that one. we’re all still laughing about it 😉

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