april fifth – that afternoon light

in the summertime i have to close up all the blinds in the afternoon. the sun beats through and heats walls and floors and skin. nap time is dark and quiet. and then everyone emerges in the afternoon for snacks and stories, and the blinds are opened just enough to make everything look like sunset. yesterday asher started snapping pictures. pictures with orange afternoon glows and blurred lines.

6 thoughts on “april fifth – that afternoon light

  1. What a gorgeous picture. Loving the April daily posting. 🙂
    btw, I just spent the morning, uh, “researching” (i.e. reading internet message boards) about amber teething necklaces. thoughts? they seem kind of voodoo, and maybe also bizarrely helpful? and in any case, extremely cute.

    1. ha, i love your description of the info making them seem a little voodoo yet kind of helpful. i think you’re right on. some swear by them. me? i come down on the side of them being awfully cute and thinking it can’t hurt. but the idea that a significant amount of analgesic from the beads could work its way into skin and blood stream?? hmmm…not so sure.

      is lucie going to be sporting one?

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