april second

a day where the kitchen stars aligned, and tasty things were made with minimal effort.

recipe 1 – fennel and leek soup: chop a bunch of veggies, toss them in a pot, cook for a bit and puree.
recipe 2 – cold brewed coffee: grind some beans. add some cold water. let it steep. done.
recipe 3 – lemon curd (via jax): add lemon juice, zest, eggs, sugar, and butter to a pot. heat, whisk, strain, and chill. spoon over ice cream for dessert.


3 thoughts on “april second

  1. If I had known the kitchen stars were aligned yesterday I would have tried making my cursed sugar syrup! Next time you feel the alignment coming on, give me a heads up. 🙂

    1. ha! believe it or not, i was thinking i should’ve tried your recipe. there is a part of me that wants it to fail so we can come up with some great cosmic reason why one can’t make sugar syrup in south florida.

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