this little piggy

i was a holdout on the iphone. heck, i didn’t even add texting to my account until 7 months ago. but my loving and generous family figured it was an appropriate gift for someone turning 32 this past week.

and because of their generosity i was able to capture little girl’s first ever pigtails, immediately send the picture to any and all family, upload it to flickr, and blog it all within several minutes. whew.

i am also now a firm believer in omar’s wise saying, “the iphone – it’s the gift that keeps on costing.” no joke. after a few days i finally decided on a case (who knew there were so many options?), but now various lenses and tripods are calling my name.

my wallet and i hesitate to put this out there, but any favorite app and accessory recommendations?


One thought on “this little piggy

  1. happy birthday! and welcome to the iphone world! i just got mine last year but cannot imagine life without it. 🙂 you must get instagram! (i am julie1wan.) it’s free and awesome.

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