for wednesday

the online magazine Edits Quarterly caught my eye the other day. and the one minute video of florence, italy? just beautiful. i love that city.

and to keep up the italy daydreams, today’s quiet time was full of ice cream topped with a shot of espresso. it’s called an affogato in the world of italian food, and while it does indeed rhyme with avocado (sort of), don’t make this poor uninformed waiter’s mistake.

i think there might be more coffee paraphernalia in my future. omar declared the other day that i am hard to shop for. i declared that i am not, but when i tried to come up with some birthday gift ideas i saw his point. evidently i am drawn to things utilitarian and under 20 bucks (coffee drippers and spoon rests) or completely unnecessary and over 1000 (new nikons. sigh.).

it is done. the bbc show MI-5 has come to an end. i watched the final season last week and true to form, they killed off yet more characters. important characters. i’m not even sure how many times omar heard me shout out “they killed another one!!” over the 10 seasons. but don’t let that keep you from watching the series. i was just hoping that because they never had any qualms about killing so much of the cast off that they might pull a fast one on us and end the show with smiles and kisses and happiness. they did not.

did you know that there are television episodes of npr’s From the Top? it’s a radio show of kids playing classical music. the boys love knowing that it is actually kids playing, and i love hearing the interviews with the kid musicians. we started listening to it in the car on the way home from church and my boys are quite drawn to it.


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