a day of pink and red

my boys now know that there is another holiday other than halloween that seemingly revolves around candy. and they love it. there was candy everywhere. it was inside cards, it was at story time, it was from us, it was from grandparents, it was on cupcakes!

i even worked up the nerve and energy to do a craft with them, and in my book, it was a success.Β  elisha sprinkled crayon shavings, helped me iron the paper, and even cut out two hearts. asher sprinkled the crayon shavings but then i lost him to his current obsession – singing along with carole king to i feel the earth move. on repeat. very loudly.

our valentine’s day dinner ended up being a bust. i know the grass-fed cow i ate was supposedly happy and well-fed while on this earth, but oh boy, it was bad. what i would have done for a little marbling. i wish that the cow we ate had found its way into a lovely corn field and gorged himself until he got caught.

good wine, cupcakes, and an endless supply of sweetarts made it all better.


4 thoughts on “a day of pink and red

  1. Oh, Kate! You’ll come around to grass fed beef. I’ve been onto it for a few years and finally conned my dad into buying half a cow with me to stock my freezer and keep the costs down. Too bad yours didn’t taste great. You were a good mom to do a craft with the kids! I didn’t make it that far this year. I even forgot Tyler’s valentines when we first drove to school. Sigh. But we did have heart shaped meatloaf and pink rice and pink milk for dinner!

  2. WHAT?!! i had that same craft on my list to do with the kids this month, too! crazy!!! great minds think alike, huh?!! we, of course, didn’t get to it, but we did get cookies made so i was feeling good about that. ha! πŸ™‚

  3. i love your writing. you’re a mom i can relate to–crafts take courage and boys will be BOYS. ps–love the image of a cow looking in both directions before treading into the crack-field πŸ™‚

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