two flew north

i don’t normally take pictures of my food at restaurants, but this was a memorable occasion.  it was the best blt i have ever eaten.  it was eaten at a table with only omar.  it was accompanied by a crispin chotokkyu hard cider and fries covered in five spice powder. in an airport.

we just got back from a trip to north carolina, and we knew we were in for a great trip when only two hours into our journey omar remembered a Food&Wine article about the best airport restaurants.  atlanta earned a mention with its restaurant one flew south and we had two hours to kill.  now we’re just trying to figure out reasons why we must always fly through atlanta. the restaurant was lovely, the food delicious, and the cider a fortunate find.  we just finished watching the pbs show based on michael pollan’s book The Botany of Desire, and a segment of the show discusses the history of hard cider (not always the sweet variety) in america and how it is harder to come by these days, just not in the atlanta airport. and they even carried a more obscure hard cider made with sake yeast.

so good, friends. and it’s in terminal E, which is always a nice breather from the craziness of the rest of the airport. and isn’t it our good fortune that we’ll be back up there in a couple of weeks for another trip.

it was a work trip for omar, but i got to tag along and spend time with the dearest and most generous of friends. i was a bit worried about leaving the kids for four nights (their rambunctiousness and my parents’ sanity being the chief concerns) but they seemingly had a wonderful time and found my phone calls more of a disturbance than a time to shed any tears (by parents or kids).

we’re now back. the scarves are packed away. lenna has been a little bit more cuddly than normal and actually let me trick her into letting me carry her in the beco for awhile today. (our baby carrying days are nearing an end. sniff.) and the boys took turns coming up to me today telling me how glad they are we’re back:  “oh, you are!?” i gushed to asher.          “yeah, i missed my bed.”

welcome home.


3 thoughts on “two flew north

  1. Kate, thanks for the recommendation. I travel through ATL a lot and this will give me something to do next time I’m stuck there for a long layover. It was great seeing you and Omar. Y’all are special friends and we’re thankful for you in our lives. Enjoy your warm weather!

  2. you always watch the most interesting things. 🙂 we just saw bill cunningham this weekend – so great. will have to check out botany of desire. and put this restaurant on my travel food list!

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