lenna’s bed is full of buddies and books and baby toys that she’s long outgrown but uses to make fantastic noises against the wall. i’m not quite ready to put them away yet. she is learning the art of the bedtime delay:  needs her buddies just so, asks for water, pats her back as a signal to begin the scratching, and hums/sings to prompt us to start the lullabies. the other night she was too tired to flip onto her back so just patted her tummy. i laughed and started scratching her belly while her eyes started to close.

elisha’s bed is full of, well, everything. he’s our pack rat. many nights we open the door to find him fast asleep with a truck, a horse on a stick, a light saber, and legos upon legos. he used to love lots of scratches and song after song and question after question. but now his napless days mean his eyes are already rolling back as his head hits the pillow.

asher’s bed is full of blankets and books. he wants us to stay and talk about how he’s never moving out. it’s the one time of day he is still.

my bedside is full of books which is ridiculous because unless i am absolutely riveted with a book, i doze after about two lines when i read in bed. at this stage in life the best reading happens in an uncomfortable chair. i’ve started moving any book that i have any desire to read to the living room. at least it’ll have a chance. “but tonight will be different,” i said last night. The Aeneid and i became acquainted through page two. and goodnight.


9 thoughts on “beds

  1. i must do all reading sitting bolt upright at our dining room table…. i always imagine creating cozy reading nooks around the house for children and adults to use alike, with soft lighting, comfy blankets and pillows….. but when it comes down to it, i always sit at the same spot at the table with glaring overhead light…..

    1. i can’t wait to tell my husband i’m not the only one! anytime someone is giving away a comfy chair or i move a light closer to a chair he asks if i’m making another “reading corner” and rolls his eyes!
      love it!

  2. hee. I do the same thing. Dante is by my bed…one page at a time. The really exciting books I read during the day or I’ll never get any sleep at all. 🙂

  3. So cute! Love the Waldorf doll. You’re so lucky Lenna likes her buddies. LB refuses to have a lovely or anything of the sort. I try to put it between us to get her used to it, and she just picks it up and chucks it across the room.

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