and then he made a sandwich

the morning was abuzz with so much talking.  there is always (always.) an incredible amount of talking around here but this morning it felt like too much. so much so that things almost felt muffled and hazy.

there was an incident involving two little boys that resulted in an all things star wars (humming theme songs included)/light saber/nerf gun ban for the foreseeable future. sweet relief.

some quick errands provided plenty of “teachable moments” to the point that by the time we got to the grocery store we were all getting tired of the fussing and correcting thus everyone was a bit on the mellow side. cue well-intentioned shopper who bestowed upon me the parental kiss of death, “oh my, i have never seen such well-behaved children at a grocery store ever!”  i gripped the shopping cart with white knuckles and braced myself for the almost absolute certainty that a full-on meltdown was about to erupt from one of them as a result of such hyperbole. but then the boys actually looked right up at me and giggled. the boys and i shared a knowing laugh, i winked at them, and (thankfully) everything was fine.

we came home. and the talking continued and got louder and louder. and there was a girl who flirted with a tantrum because her mama refused to put the rio theme song on repeat, a boy who just couldn’t sit semi-still and eat, and another boy who was a bottomless pit and kept asking for me to get up and get him more food. and as i was about to hit that point where i just wanted to put my head down and sleep for a bit, he said, “it’s ok, mom, i’ll make my own sandwich.” and he did. things got quieter and less hazy, and he was beyond proud and looked quite a bit older over there smearing pb and jelly on his bread. i smiled and told him that i thought he should take over making dinners from now on.  “sure!” he said happily.


8 thoughts on “and then he made a sandwich

  1. We told the kids we couldn’t have any more babies until they could make their own sandwiches. 🙂 And if it’s any consolation, the whole scene from your day feels uncomfortably familiar!

  2. I told Lily the other day that she had to be able to dress herself by the time the baby comes. That would certainly make things easier — in theory, anyway. Also, I think people in public places should keep their mouths shut and just smile at kids. I get tired of the remarks about how cute she is and how good she is when I’m just about ready to die because she’s making me nuts. Apparently when folks get in public places (mostly women, who you’d think would know better!), they lose their minds when little kids are around. Maybe it’s God’s grace to them.

    1. it was actually a guy this time 😉 i don’t mind thoughtful comments from strangers. i’ve gotten some real encouragement from strangers when the kids were acting both sweetly and not-so-sweetly, but they’re always thoughtful and realistic comments. the ridiculous and dramatic comments? they’re usually just laughable, right?

      1. My friend has twins and she recently had a lady come up to her and ask her all these inane questions: Are those two babies? Are they twins? Are they yours? She just about blew a fuse. And today at church a woman I didn’t know told me a hundred times that Lily’s so cute. I was like, thanks, I get it. I don’t mind the comments, but I generally prefer adoring smiles. 😉

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