thursdays are for cleaning

thursday is cleaning day.  thursday is the day motown music blares.  winter thursdays are the days when all doors and windows are opened.  thursday is the day i lose half my supply of paper towels to the little people before i wise up and switch them to rags.  thursday is the day i realize that my pre-kid self would’ve thought three kids “cleaning” together would have been just shy of precious. this thursday is the day that i laugh at my pre-kid self and turn the music up a bit louder and am thankful that at least they’re eager. thursday is the day that nap time/quiet time is indeed quiet because of all the rambunctiousness of the morning.  thursday is the day that the floors are clean, omar notices, and i kiss him.


4 thoughts on “thursdays are for cleaning

  1. kate, i love you! reading this post just reminded me of all i’ve learned from you and all i continue to learn form you. thanks for sharing your life with me. i will be forever grateful for you. and, i’m always thinking — everyone should have a kate in their life! love you! 🙂

  2. thursdays are our cleaning days, too…and i too, open all the windows. gets the funk out of their bedroom 🙂 love the pictures – i keep telling myself that i’m going to let them “help” at some point, but cleaning the glass is a great idea (and mostly b/ i almost never do it!)

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