i miss pre 9/11 airports. if you were still able to walk right up to the gate and stare out the windows, airports would make it onto our rotation of outing destinations. we went to pick omar up the other day and the boys were excited. i didn’t think they’d be able to see anything very interesting but then was happily surprised to see that omar’s concourse had a waiting area with a window overlooking the runway. i let them take pictures. they brought their pads of paper and pencils to document the event and shrieked every time an airplane came into view. they tackled their papi with hugs and kisses, were treated to hot chocolate and a cookie, and thought it was just about the best thing ever. i’ll miss these days when a quick trip to the airport and a cookie qualifies as an adventure.


One thought on “airports

  1. we should take them for a picnic right at the end or the beginning of the landing strip outside. matt’s grandma used to do that with them. it would be terrifyingly wonderful when the planes landed or took off right over us! ps..i like lenna’s new shoes. they are very brightly yellow.

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