carrots and spelt

ah, resolutions. truthfully, i don’t get too hung up about them.  they usually come to me in a rush the night before the new year and i figure there’s no harm in trying them out, but i don’t beat myself up if they end up not happening.  there’s always the next year.

but since much of my life at the moment is spent in the kitchen i usually take the food resolutions a bit more seriously.  usually.  remember my culinary resolution last year to cook and bake with more whole grains?  full disclosure: i tossed the bag of remaining buckwheat flour 11 months later and thought surely it hadn’t been 11 months since i used it last. it was actually closer to 12 months.  (side note: i notice that one of my 2011 resolutions was to try a new cheese each month.  how did i forget to follow through on that one?)

my eye caught the bag of spelt flour on the shelf the other day and i figured i’d give the 2011 resolution another go.  one spelt recipe down – carrot muffins from Good to the Grain.  delicious and downed by all the children.  next up: huckle buckle coffee cake.


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