tea, trump, deathbed, and downton

this weekend lenna continued her playtime with her new tea set.  there is a lot of, “ooh! it’s so cute!” coming from the boys and me when we see her play with it. and soon she’ll get her replacement xylophone so there can be a little music during teatime, too. xylophone #1 came to us with the addition of some termites. i had a momentary freakout thinking that the innocent looking yet tainted xylophone would lead to a tenting repeat.  here’s hoping it doesn’t.

i think one of the last things you’d find on donald trump’s new 757 airplane is a wood tea set.  i drove by the airport the other day and saw his rather large private jet and wondered, “hmm…what’s that look like inside?” a couple of clicks and here you go.  it has gold plated seat belts, a movie room, and a gold sink.  of course it does.

on the humbler end of the spectrum – deathbed music.  npr had an interesting story on Deathbed Music: The Final Works of Famous Composers.  the whole story is good but i loved the part about bach and his chorale prelude “Before Thy Throne I Stand.” i’m now on a hunt for the sheet music. just gorgeous.

the pbs-obsessed are all abuzz with the debut of the second season of Downton Abbey. last night my dad wondered how it is that british period soap operas are so interesting.  i feigned offense for a moment, but it’s true. it’s a soap opera. a good, british one. and while i wouldn’t dream of taking a “which Days of Our Lives character are you?” quiz, you know i’ll sign right up to take a “which Downton Abbey character are you?” quiz (thanks, bethany!).  i am proudly robert, earl of grantham.

4 thoughts on “tea, trump, deathbed, and downton

  1. I never heard of this series until last night on Nightly News with Brian Williams. To see what all the hype was about, I watched the first show of Season 1 on Netflix. Three total episodes later, I am hooked. And tonight I have to get work done and can’t watch, which I am finding very frustrating. Just call me Anna.

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