a dress for lenna

it is finished.  the dress i started for lenna for her first birthday was finally slipped over her little head just in time for her 20 month birthday.  and its snug-factor is telling me it won’t last until her 2nd birthday.

i wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out once i decided to finish the skirt with fabric, but i really like it. i was also pretty certain that it would be a long, long time before i picked up knitting needles again, but the combination of seeing it on her, seeing yet another cute pattern on tora frøseth’s site, and the fact that i’m currently sitting in front of the fire wrapped in a blanket is making the desire to knit rather strong.

7 thoughts on “a dress for lenna

  1. What a great idea to finish it off with fabric! I am a very novice knitter…tonight my mom showed me how to make winter hats with ear flaps so I can make an owl hat for my foster daughter and my niece.

  2. oh, how cute! you did a great job, kate. she looks absolutely adorable — as usual! i love the mini stroller, too. my sister-in-law just told me she wants to get a stroller for elayna — for her dolls. i had never thought of it. mind telling me where you found that one? thanks!

    1. thanks, jen! the stroller is great, and i’m glad lenna likes it because it was her only christmas present from us (i figure it’s the last year i can get away with that 😉 ). i got it from “nova natural.”

      1. thanks kate! you always find the cutest things. by the way, also TOTALLY in love with the wooden tea set! do tell on that one too, please?!!

  3. you know, that second dress would even be cute a little short with some leggings! man, i’ve got to advance in my knitting skills! 🙂

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