resolutions of the 2012 variety

go to the zoo more
grow more food
learn about herbal remedies
memorize all european and african countries AND their capitals
memorize the book of philippians
take a photo per day
read 48 books
sew clothes for myself (this dress/tunic is high on my list – everything she sews is great)
start (note i don’t say finish) Bible Reading Program for Shirkers and Slackers (thanks, margie!)
bake more (2011 was kind of a no-bake year)


5 thoughts on “resolutions of the 2012 variety

  1. Wow! The memorization and book reading resolutions are quite ambitious! Best of luck to you this year. I can’t wait to read about how it all goes. Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you for the link to Margie’s reading program. One thing I need to do this year (today, actually) is buy a new bible. Now I have a nice little kick start to reading it. Happy new year, Kate!

  3. The Bible-reading link was a little too familiar (but so good). I’ve started (again) this year, with a desire to be faithful but so much is out of our control as mothers. This morning I stumbled upon an audio version of the Bible online. I don’t want it to replace times of sitting down to read and pray, but today it was a huge benefit to be able to turn it on, hear four chapters read to me while I made breakfast and packed lunch and got ready to run out the door early. Once I got the kids to realize they couldn’t talk in the kitchen, they were actually very interested.

    I also look forward to seeing your book list!

    And if you are mostly new to herbal remedies, a great place to start is just to order a free catalog from (or you could read it all online, but I think that’s tedious). It’s a very informative resource!

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