hey, 2011, i liked you.

january  ::  when i think of last january the first thing that pops into my mind is a photo i took right after all the decorations came down.  it’s clean and simple and the flowers made everything seem new.  there was a lot about last january that made me excited to start the year off fresh.  i decided at the last minute to start the 365 photo project and am so i glad i’ve (mostly) stuck with it.

february  ::  if there was a hardest month, february wins hands down.  this was the month a friend lived with us and then had to leave us suddenly. but there was so much growing and learning that i’m thankful for it.

march  ::  a good month. we visited friends in jacksonville. we got a piano. i turned 31, and omar and my mom made the best, most unhealthy meal. it was perfect.

april  ::  it was omar’s turn for a birthday meal this month. poor asher succumbed to pneumonia resulting in the saddest picture of the year. our wonderful neighbor boys surprised the kids with the most thoughtful easter egg hunt easter morning. and i have to mention the bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos because omar and i have talked about them with almost everyone this year.

may ::  lenna turned one.  elisha turned five. termites were destroyed, and we made our way north to north carolina.

june ::  in june i developed and nurtured my cold-brewed coffee addiction. i wrote my favorite post of the year. i think it is because i remember that day so well for some reason. omar and i made a spontaneous date night trip to miami for dinner. we started heading to the beach every friday afternoon. my brother and his family headed south for a visit.

july  ::  omar and i went to ft. myers for 3(!) nights. we did nothing. we read. we were positively boring. it was perfect. in july i also experienced the attack of pine mouth, and i’ve yet to taste another pine nut.

august  ::  we said goodbye to the car i’d had since college.  lenna started walking. homeschooling commenced.

september  ::  we started our garden. and it was good. september was also the month that kicked off a 6 week stretch of migraine upon migraine. much of the month is a blur.

october  ::  csa season started.  asher turned four.  the west palm green market started up again leaving the kids happy and full of doughnuts and popcorn. the first scarf of the season is worn when omar, lenna, and i made our way to north carolina for a wedding. both of the boys dressed up as darth vader for halloween.

november  ::  the boys started reading, bit by bit. i got to be the most spontaneous i’ve been all year when i agreed to head to atlanta with omar for a few nights with only a couple of hours notice. we headed north to st. augustine and deland for thanksgiving with family, making it my third trip in one month! scrabble reentered our lives.

december  ::  christmas and clementines. advent readings and candles.  a friend’s sweet girl was born. trips to the park. omar praised me for not complaining about the winter heat this year. after 7+ years of marriage we decided to finally turn our attention to our bedroom and move it away from the dorm-inspired look to a peaceful, actually decorated retreat. i love it.


3 thoughts on “hey, 2011, i liked you.

  1. This post is why I miss blogging. I like having record of life, whatever that looks like, and I feel like I’m missing it right now, despite having many, many photographs from this time. Shhh, but I’m toying with the idea of coming back in 2012.

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