these days before christmas

this little project is the fruit of two things: my boys asking me how many days until christmas all. day. long.  and my need to shrink this stack of christmas scrapbook paper i’ve had for a few years now.  for the past few days asher seems beyond christmas and is now asking me how many days until his birthday.  i see a really long paper chain and some stellar counting skills in his future.

my parents were out of town for several days so elisha’s school project was to write a journal entry each day they were gone.  he gets to draw, i get to get him writing, he gets to have a refresher for each day as he recounts the days to my parents when they return, i get to rid myself of even more scrapbook paper.  win, win, win, win.

oh, the clementines.  they are here, and asher is in heaven.  we all love them but that boy can’t get enough of them.  he’s also the compost police.  if you peel and throw into the trash he’s on you.  “the compost pail, mama.” right, right.

and we need the compost police around here because the garden is doing quite well.  swiss chard and tomatoes all over the place.  corn growing high.  herbs thriving.  we planted a small variety of carrot, and while most didn’t do so well, there were a few that made it.

and what is christmas without a little nativity sheep riding at dusk?


2 thoughts on “these days before christmas

  1. Kate, I too love that we’re often on the same page…didn’t know that you’re a list maker too. I’m jealous of your garden and wish we could get anything to grow around here, but that’s okay. I LOVE the last picture and the pic of Elisha’s journal. So cute. Tyler is still in the scribbling phase when he “takes my order” at his imaginary restaurant, and Jake is pretty much beyond the early spelling. I miss it! Have a wonderful new year!

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