merry christmas to me

my sewing itch hits at the oddest times.  i have quite a few more pressing things to tend to right now, but then christine goes and shows us her cute kitchen windows.  i decide that curtains are now more important than things like finding christmas presents or feeding children lunch.

in fairness to myself i only ran into Joann’s to grab a spool of thread but then wouldn’t you know that the new Denyse Schmidt line (her quilts are beautiful) for Joann’s grabs my eye and the bolt of aqua, red, salmon/pink, mustard yellow 1930s-ish fabric finds its way into my hands.

an hour and a half and the first episode of Return to Cranford later there are little boy-approved curtains hanging in the kitchen.  even the oldest boy in the house assured me that the flowers were not a problem.  phew.

and there is still more sewing happening.  i mentioned 8 months ago that i was knitting a dress for lenna.  well, it stayed on the needles for about 8 months (eerily fulfilling my fears after i just read over the comments…) and then there was a falling asleep while knitting (yes, it can happen) incident and the project got put aside.  but the determination to make something with the thing, some matching fabric, a little bit of sewing, and the second episode of Return to Cranford are about to make it wearable.  at least if there isn’t a falling asleep while sewing incident because then i think i’d just give up.


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