language like

language games  ::  thanksgiving 2011 will be known as the holiday that resurrected scrabble in our home.  omar and i took a bit of a hiatus (years in fact) because it seemed to bring out the worst in us.  we’ve grown.  omar went out on “jurors” the other night.  hmm…which spell check just informed me he spelled incorrectly.  his version had 7 letters and thus a 50 point bonus.  i think we need another hiatus.

language accents  ::  while riding along in the car today we listened to npr, and the newscaster speaking had a british accent. elisha pipes up, “well, THAT guy is rude.”  after a little probing it became clear that the accent was the culprit.  hilarious.

language quotes  ::  yes, i said these words yesterday, “please don’t spin baby jesus in the salad spinner.”  the half of the table that was playing with the nativity merged with the half of the table that was playing with kitchen things and thus the spinning.


5 thoughts on “language like

  1. We have had the same experiences with games. Except I’m the competitive one, and the friction is too much for us to maintain a peaceful and harmonious marriage. Too bad, because we both really love games. 🙂

  2. We always play Scrabble on Christmas. It’s the only time I can get Adam to play with me because, ahem, I’m so much better than he is. 😉 (By the way, whose word was “queers”? Interesting choice.)

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