twirling penguins

this is the first year that we aren’t having to explain this whole christmas thing to the boys from square one.  they remember lots of things and just get the rest of it mixed up a bit.  like tonight.  both boys ran into our room tonight freaking out that we didn’t put out the cookies for santa.  they remembered that we have a whole stash of christmas books.  but then asher needed a bit of a refresher as to how the stockings work.

they think life is just about perfect right now.  they’ll shout out a “merry christmas!” if you catch their eye. i heard asher shout, “this is fantastic!!” at something christmas related today.  and because they lack any concept of what tastefulness in christmas decorating is, they think any and all forms of christmas decor is beautiful.  we get many requests to drive around the “neighborlyhood” to see what sights there are to see.  that neighbor with every blow-up figure, every color strings of lights, and automated twirling penguins and dolphins?  my boys love that neighbor and wonder when the menagerie will land in our yard.

the advent garland is up.  the nativity set is out.  and it only took about two hours before the dragons and darth maul made their way to the manger.

happy second day of advent.


3 thoughts on “twirling penguins

  1. I love this. We’re always having bulldozers ramming their way through the manger scene at our house, so I can relate. I haven’t started decorating yet, but our kids love it all, too. Merry Christmas!

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