swearing monsters

some (and i emphasize some) days we can sit down with the kids and have classic and picturesque bible times.  kids remember bible verses.  nobody is so wiggly you can’t concentrate.  they are eager to listen.  they might even ask completely relevant questions about what we read them (!).  and then there are days like this:

omar: (to the kids at the table) hey guys, i’m going to read you a verse i read this morning.
a boy:  i don’t think i want to listen.
another boy:  i think i’m going to put my fingers in my ears.
omar: (after addressing the attitudes)  the verse talks about mockers…
a boy:  MONSTERS!
another boy:  yeah! monsters!
omar: (sighs) no, mockers.
a boy:  damn
omar:  please don’t swear.  what happened?
another boy:  he got a cut on his hand.

i stand in the other room laughing harder than i have in a while.  omar spends a bit more time explaining to the boys why they should watch what comes out of their mouths.  we both figure one of their next verses should be about the tongue.

the end.


5 thoughts on “swearing monsters

  1. Your kids sound like so much fun. Is it wrong that I’m impressed by their situationally appropriate (albeit also inappropriate) usage of “damn”?

    Love the photo, too.

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