that trip

i called a friend the day i left for atlanta and told her i was admittedly embarrassed that part of me wanted to skip the spontaneous trip and stay home.  she laughed at me.  and then i laughed at me.

but this trip ended up being one of the sweetest gifts i’ve been given.  sweet of my husband to think of asking me last minute, sweet of parents and in-laws willing to watch kids, and sweet of God to orchestrate this whole thing.  i even tried to get together with friends but wouldn’t you know one had her wisdom teeth out that day and the other two were out of town. of course they were. i had no choice but to be alone for a couple of days.  i walked and walked and drank coffee and read and wrote and drank some more coffee and was still for much of it. life doesn’t include much lingering right now, and that is fine, so it was nice to linger.

we’ve been fortunate to be able to spend time away but there was something about the last minute-ness of this that was so good.  there was no time to plan and prepare and fret about anything.  it just happened.

i think omar thought the sweetness might disappear during the last bit of the trip. as we were trying to check in for our flight home my ticket would not print.  we thought there must have been a glitch or something so we made our way to the ticket counter.  and then omar checked the itinerary again, looked at me and told me that i wouldn’t be coming home until december 10.  hello, extra linger time.  but the ticket lady was nice and the flight wasn’t full so back i came.

there is another plus to going on quick spur of the moment trips: there is no time to build up the trip so much that you can’t help but have an “oh, no! the trip is over!” letdown.  it just came and went.  one minute i’m sitting at a cafe drinking coffee in the quiet, and the next minute i’m back home covering the coffee grinder in a blanket in the back room so as not to disturb the quiet of three sleeping kids at nap time.


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