soup and scarves

Today I had white beet and black radish soup with toasted walnuts and some of the best bread I’ve had in awhile. And then for dessert I ate a couple macaroons (pumpkin chocolate and almond port) with a cardamom cappuccino. All while wearing a scarf. And a wool coat.  In Atlanta.

In a whirlwind of spontaneity (which I actually resisted at first…what was I thinking?!), I ended up in Atlanta with Omar and without any kiddos.  So while he was in a meeting all day I wandered the city and stumbled upon some great Christmas gifts, talked cameras with one shop owner, talked Haitian restaurants with another shop owner who is a native Miamian, and talked chocolate with yet another.  Evidently I’m quite chatty when there are no little people around.

Back soon!


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