wednesday linking

1. kate ascher’s new book, The Heights: Anatomy of a Skyscraper, is tops on my to-read list. i’ve had a subscription to Wired magazine this past year and in the latest issue there is a diagram from her book of a footprint of a typical 1.3 million-square-foot mixed-use skyscraper. i love this kind of stuff. check it out. i also heard a great interview with her on npr which led to a funny conversation between asher and me about her name being kate ascher.

2. speaking of Wired, last month’s description of kohler’s $6000 toilet was the highlight. it includes ground-level air vents to blow warm air on your feet, ambient lighting, and a place to plug in your mp3. but i’m not sure if it was the description that was funnier or the fact that a few pages earlier there was an actual kohler ad for the thing. crazy.

3. care to listen to feist playing from her new album? here you go.

4. i think we hit a wall in the kitchen department. i’m loving all the veggies coming our way but most of our cookbooks treat the vegetables/grains as side items, so i’m trying to branch out. i’ve borrowed peter berley’s The Flexitarian Table before, but this time around i think every recipe sounds delicious. on the to-make list are his gratin of cherry tomatoes and white beans, fresh corn polenta with sauteed cherry tomatoes, and pinto beans with chipotle and melted garlic. tonia linked to a recipe on The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen blog, and i’m finding some great things there, too. fortunately there is no medical need for anyone in our home to stay away from gluten, but this site has some great looking recipes. the current recipe posted, though, includes quinoa. i just. can’t. do it. i’ve tried. there is something about the smell. strange.


3 thoughts on “wednesday linking

  1. Kate, I love that Flexitarian cookbook! His roasted chicken is wonderful, but my absolute favorite recipe in there is for tofu with lemon, soy, white wine and butter sauce. The first time I made it, I just couldn’t believe that I had cooked it…it was that good.

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