it’s what i do

you would think that if the pack of kids was going to be gone for any length of time like they were today i’d find extremely productive things to do around here.  you would think.  instead i:

1. scrounged up some fabric and embroidery hoops and made some free wall art for lenna’s room.

2. spent way too much contemplating the news story that starbucks’ quarterly profits were up 29%.  that’s a lot. the same story told me that their most popular drink is a skinny vanilla latte.  my love of whole milk unsweetened espresso drinks is evidently not shared by most of america.

3. had big plans for making myself something fun and interesting for lunch. i got tired just thinking about it and ended up having leftover ginger salmon and pumpkin cheesecake ice cream.

4. played a game with spotify.  remember when you would listen to a mixed tape over and over and would then hear a song from the tape somewhere else and start singing the next song from the tape at the end of the song? (do you follow?) today i would think of a song from an old forgotten mixed tape and see if it was on spotify.  sure enough most of them were.  after that song was over i would then magically remember the next song and type it into spotify and on and on.  and then i made a mix of the game.  they’re from the jr. high thru grad school days. click HERE to listen:

:: I Can Feel It (Sloan – the song that popped into my head and started the game)
:: Heart of Gold (Neil Young)
:: Bonnie and Clyde (Luna – this reminds me of my brother)
:: California (Luna – this reminds me of my brother’s college bands)
:: San Andreas Fault (Natalie Merchant – i bought this album with my dad at my first ever visit to a barnes and noble.  we also had a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.)
:: April Come She Will (Simon and Garfunkel – don’t most mixed tapes have a Simon and Garfunkel song?)
:: It’s Not Happening (The Be Good Tanyas – nearing the end of the mixed tape era with this one)
:: Happier (Guster – i remember listening to this in my kitchen in italy with my roommate.  dorie would crank it up and the neighbors would yell out their windows in italian to turn it down. i loved it.)
:: Possession (Sarah McLachlan – spring break in seattle ’98 and ’99)
:: Love Songs on the Radio (Mojave3 – high school, courtesy of my brother)
:: Sweet Jane (Cowboy Junkies – their version sounds like college)


4 thoughts on “it’s what i do

  1. i am constantly amazed by our similar music tastes…i saw guster in college at a dive bar in ann arbor michigan. no one, except my good friend joe, had ever even heard of them. yeah, that was in 1995. i have all of the albums now. weird! i used to sing sarah mclachlan songs to micah when he was a newborn and up in the middle of the night. “your love is better than chocolate, better than anything else that i’ve found…” good times. i think your day sounds very productive. creativity needs a chance to flourish too! 🙂

  2. luna is a serious college association with me…..”happy music”…. it’s not really possible to be grumpy listening to luna…… and i have a “happy song” that has a similar ring to is at luna….. from the sound track of true romance……. you just have to crank it up and spin in the front room with the kids and they think quite possibly mom is nuts, but she’s got a point, it IS happy music.

    i’ll play it for you some time.

  3. and cowboy junkies sweet jane…… is it “college” for everyone? b/c there should be a little bit of a time lapse b/w “college” for you and for me…… my music associations shifted BIG time when i got married and had kids…… embarrassed doesn’t even cut it to admit that my biggest music associations to this time in my life will be….. drum roll please…. the wiggles and veggietales. i know. seriously. i covered “cool” enough in my college years i guess……. 🙂

    i’m gem by the way…… gelesta was a login name i needed for something and i’m using it for now.

    in case you were wondering.

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