i can tend to read books on education in the same manner i browse pinterest – i read and read and read and get ideas and ideas and ideas and then little comes to fruition. i realize the boys are still quite young but even so, the ideas out there are endless when it comes to teaching kids the basics. i decided to keep my ideas on the budget friendly side this year.  mostly there is still a lot of play time in our days.  a lot.  but we are working our way through Sonlight’s kindergarten read-aloud books, and we’re all enjoying them.  they also are enjoying the jan brett alphabet pages.

reading: they’re doing it. slowly (sometimes maddeningly slowly) but surely it’s coming along.  we’re taking our time.  i’m not a stickler about them sitting still or not moving around.  as long as they’re (somewhat) engaged, i’m good.  but 12ish minutes is proving to be our max before they act like they need to run a mile or so. i love how their personalities come out even in the mundane business of learning to read.  we’re using The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading and they learn a vowel rhyme and a consonant rhyme.  i told them that when they could each do it without help from me we would do something special:

asher – my throw caution to the wind kid:  (fist pumps while saying) yeah!  let’s do it NOW!
me – but you don’t know it all, yet.
asher – who cares, let’s go!

(meanwhile elisha is sitting at the table watching and looking as though he’s thinking through this whole thing)

elisha – nope. i’m good.

asher spent the next few days convincing me at every turn that he knew it all without actually ever really practicing.  elisha still is in denial that he needs to complete the task. hilarious.

math:  well, this all fell apart at about day 8, so we set the book (Earlybird Singapore which i really like) aside for now.  they love counting and sorting and matching but neither boy is very ready when it comes to fine motor skills.  no problem.  baking together is a world of math skills for them and as a bonus, a world of patience learning for me.


6 thoughts on “r-e-a-d-i-n-g

  1. I know your looking for a budget friendly reading program but I have found the golden ticket of reading programs! It’s called headsprout and it is amazing. They even have a few trial lessons on their website that you can try. I am amazed at the results, truly amazed!

    1. thanks for the tip, melinda. i’ll check it out. so far i’m really enjoying “the ordinary parent’s…” book. i finally broke down and bought my own copy after using up all my renewals at the library 😉

  2. I love having my kids schooling together- it’s nice when it works out that way. And oh, the maddening stage of reading when it is all labor and not much fruit! One day this week I actually had to stop the kids in the middle of their reading and tell them I had to take a short nap. I was falling asleep it was soooo boring. (I’ll blame it on the pregnancy a little, too.) But everyone keeps saying it will “click” and I do see signs of progress, so it keeps me going.

    And math with boys: hands on activities are great until they are ready. Keep it fun for them!

    1. i love stories like this. i need to post more schooling stories because the comments and emails i get from other people both crack me up and encourage me. thank you!

  3. I don’t home school, but I had to laugh (with empathy and relief!) when reading this. When our kids were first learning to read, they would bring these books home that averaged about 10 pages of very large and very simple words. They were required to read them through at least 2 or 3 times. I can very much relate to Brite and can remember falling asleep on more than one occasion and having my kid wake me up and say “Mom! Your sleeping again!” Unfortunately, I couldn’t blame pregnancy. It was strictly boredom! However, a couple of years later, I actually looked forward to it, because I was introduced to the Henry and Mudge series and the Frog and Toad series (my personal favorite even today!). So, hang in there. It will click! In the meantime, enjoy those short naps! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the links here. I’ve bookmarked them for later. It’s also so interesting to me how different Elisha and Asher are. Makes me wonder what I’ll get with baby #2.

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