weddings, scarves, and sweaters

that is me. wearing a sweater. and a scarf.  in north carolina. i am now wearing neither a sweater or a scarf or in north carolina but it was a great whirlwind of a trip. i was lucky enough to marry a guy who can do exciting things like marry people in far off places. lenna and i tagged along.  the trip was a success, minus the screaming 18 month old on the airplane portion of the trip.  to all you fellow passengers who caught my eye after the flight and told me that she really sounded in pain due to the pressure, bless you.  i’m thinking it really wasn’t the pressure.

the rest of the trip was filled with a beautiful bride whom i met when she was only eight, late nights, lots of coffee and fat tire (unable to be found in florida), good food, laughing, and lots of talking.  and perfectly cool weather.

the boys lived up our time away in miami.  i think the highlight of the trip was when omar’s mom called and said that the boys saw a darth vader costume and decided that they both needed to be darth vader (pictures forthcoming). sitting here in a chair typing this i can still bust out laughing just thinking about those two as twin vaders.

now we’re home and getting back into the swing of things and amazed that it is november (!).  i love november.


6 thoughts on “weddings, scarves, and sweaters

  1. Kayla and I really enjoyed trick or treating with the Vader twins. Both boys are so sweet, polite, and well behaved. You’d be proud Mom!

    1. it is fun 😉 until that becomes all that i do and then chop it off again.

      no fat tire. we only brought carry-ons and i don’t think i could convince the lovely tsa agents that it was indeed for medicinal purposes. oh well, i just need another n.c. vacation soon.

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