365 continues

there was a small part of me that thought i would’ve given up on the 365 photo project by now.  there have been about 8 missed days but most of the time i’m just impressed with myself that i’ve only missed 8 days of taking a photo.  to all of you who have succeeded in taking a photo every day for 365 days, i applaud you.

i am so intrigued with our garden at the moment that the past week could easily have filled up with sprout photos, but every day?  it was tempting.

a few days have seen the following happen:  i get ready to close up shop for the night and then panic when i realize i never snapped a photo.  here is what you get when that happens.  21 minutes to spare.

then there are the times when i remember to pull out the camera when everyday craziness is happening.

if ever there was a photo that made me want to insert a cheesy word bubble with photoshop, this would be it.

and then there are the rare and cherished photos of me with a kid.  i’m too much of a camera hog.


6 thoughts on “365 continues

    1. The holidays make the end of the year much easier. So much going on and lots of Christmas lights for those days when nothing happens. Hang in there!

      (And I promise to proofread my comments from now on. I am laughing at my omitted word up there. Oops!)

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