wednesday linking

it’s been rainy here.  really rainy and i love it.  today is supposed to be the glorious day where the cold (cool?) front pushes through and the temps drop in the waking hours.  and it needs to push on through.  a few more rainy days like we’ve been having and i’ll o.d. on fall-ish baked goods because you have to bake on days like these.  on this afternoon’s baking menu: iced pumpkin cookies.  i’ve made these for a few years now but today might actually ice them.  perhaps i’ll add a little lemon?

halloween is around the corner.  i’m at a loss when it comes to costumes. i think costume planning needs to go on my june to-do list.  speaking of halloween, i often find myself passing out the links to these two articles (Halloween: Magic and Monsters and Halloween: A Distinctly Christian Holiday) from Ransom Fellowship’s site around this time of year.  i don’t have a problem with halloween, church “harvest fests” on halloween actually bother me a bit, and these two articles help articulate some of my thoughts on the subject.

check out frank bruni’s newest op-ed piece.  the former new york times restaurant critic visits a new manhattan restaurant and his write-up is pretty great.  it’s hard to make up stuff like this:

I’ve been prodded to dab a special scent on my wrist before savoring my salad. To proceed through the five microscopic canapés before me from left to right, as if they were words in a sentence that would lose all meaning if scrambled. To exhale a particular way as I chewed an avant-garde popcorn cluster so that the smoke inside it billowed from my nostrils.

Romera New York is the first restaurant where I was told to “make a memory” of my water.

Romera is Manhattan’s newest culinary oddity, an elegant hideaway whose conceits include the pairing of each dish in an 11-course meal with a lukewarm flavored water in a lidded grappa glass. One water might be infused with leek and radish, another with jasmine and dried seaweed. Most taste like indecisive teas, commitment-phobic broths or pond runoff.

“Feel free to smell them,” said a server, as if I might otherwise feel jailed. “And to taste them.” He paused. “Make a memory of them.”

and lastly, joel henriques’ book, Made to Play: Handmade Toys and Crafts for Growing Imaginations is out.  i love his site.  the boys love his site.  we love his paper cities, and while i’m not really into most kid crafts, his work makes me want to (almost) have a daily craft time.  from his site i also learned about ann wiseman and her book from the 70s The Best of Making Things: A Classic Bible of Hands-on Craft Activities for Kids of All Ages. i love the hand-drawn illustrations and interesting variety of projects to do with kids.


2 thoughts on “wednesday linking

  1. what is this about making pumpkin cookies? if only i was your neighbor *wink wink* i made some pumpkin bread last week and added orange zest to it. it really complimented the pumpkin in a new and fresh kind of way. {what a cheesy sentence, but its true} anyway, i love all of your link love. it gives me lots to read!

  2. thanks for the links to the two Halloween articles. very useful. i guess i need to re-think my stance on certain types of constumes. i hope all is well with you, omar, and kiddos.

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