last night’s dinner was a hit. (there was a minor incident with a five year old and a cucumber but once the five year old understood that the cucumber stood between him and the next morning’s cider doughnuts it ceased to be an issue.) and that is saying something.  not all dinners have been hits around here recently.  last week there was a rice noodle, shrimp, and bok choy dish that had the boys a bit in distress.  “not the chewbacca!” was the cry.  asher wants to love ratatouille, a common side dish at the moment as the csa zucchini and eggplant are coming at us in full force, but ends up spending more time talking more about the movie than eating the actual thing.

but then there was the pesto-rubbed chicken and panzanella salad and life was good. this pesto-loving family loved the chicken, and the salad had something for everyone: “croutons” and tomatoes for asher, olives for elisha (hold the cucumber), and red peppers for lenna.

everyone was fed.  everyone was happy, and multiple csa items were used and crossed off the list making me extra happy.


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