17 months

she’s on the assertive side.  she says “a. a.” for amen at the table, is not shy about trying to cut short your prayer with a forceful “A! A!” if it’s a tad on the long side for her taste, and then pushes your hands away to dig into whatever is in front of her.  unless that whatever happens to be peanut butter.  she prefers to walk on her own, no hand holding for this one.  she wants her necklace and shoes on first thing in the morning.  heaven help you if you decide to deny her either request.  i give her fizzy water to get a good laugh.  yesterday she said “cracker.”  she is in love with her papi.  she likes to dig in dirt.  she likes to pick and eat mint leaves.  she likes to pick and eat all leaves.  she loves bananas.  she likes to vacuum.  she likes to throw away trash.  she can growl like a lion and make a mean firetruck horn noise (thank you, dear brothers). she’ll body slam you if you’re lying on the floor.  she’ll drink your coffee if you let her.  she’s the sweetest.


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