at the piano

i had an albanian piano teacher in high school.  she wore funky dresses and crazy, bright lipstick.  she also told me that i had nice long fingers and should consider recording some romantic music. and sell it with the cd cover art being me lying on the top of a grand piano. hilariously true story.

the cd never got recorded, and actually, soon after that conversation i graduated high school and spent the next 13 years living without a piano. a few months ago a friend generously gave us one, but after the first couple of weeks with it and playing every day or so, i sort of fell back into living life without a piano.  yesterday friends and i started talking about pianos and i kind of felt myself growing wistful about playing music but then realized there is nothing really stopping me from playing.

this morning i sat down with a cup of coffee and played while the kids did their own thing and occasionally came in to request something or play along with me or politely ask me to play something different.

tonight i sat down with a glass of wine and played while lenna sat on the floor playing.  they were all put to bed and then i sat down again.

it was rusty, but it was good to be doing it.


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