fall here

mornings at the park
trip to north carolina on the horizon
buying the boys their once a year pair of closed toe shoes
asher thinking fall=christmas thus a fair share of christmas caroling around here
me getting excited about christmas
ben and jerry’s pumpkin cheesecake ice cream
ocean winds that feel just a bit cooler
the urge to sew something that always hits this time of year
highs in the mid 80s
lows in the mid 70s, sometimes excitingly close to the 60s
burgundy mums
bunches of wheat
pears with chocolate
pears with honey
farmer’s markets
darker evenings
darker mornings
kids falling asleep earlier and staying asleep longer
driving with windows down


One thought on “fall here

  1. isn’t it great? i am LOVING this weather. finally, we can be outside!!! if ever there was a time to love south florida, it’s now! 🙂

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