the little pen/letter holder on the counter caught my eye today.  i don’t think i’ve ever cleaned it out, so i dumped everything out and here is what i found.  the key to our apartment in italy.  last used in 1987.  omar just reminded me i found it a year or so ago and planned on making it into a christmas ornament.  let’s place bets that i won’t remember it is there until a pen holder clean out a couple of years from now.

a school picture proof of 8 year old me.  i’m seeing some elisha here.

pictures i printed over a year ago that i thought i lost, misplaced, or perhaps never even printed. my goodness, she is so tiny.  prudence the owl is still beloved.

a button.  but i actually know where this button belongs and have been looking for it.  what are the chances?


2 thoughts on “found

  1. We probably had to forfeit an outrageous Italian security deposit on that key to Signore Bohn….
    But we always thought it was the nicest apartment in all of Gaeta.

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