almost 4

he can’t wait to be four.  for the longest time if you asked him how old he was he’d say, “i’m THREE and then i’ll be four.  but then i’ll be FIVE.”  four was just something getting in the way of five.  but the past week has seen him getting excited about four.  to be honest, i have to remind myself he is still only three/almost four.  he’s my three going on 13 kiddo and if he tried hard enough he could probably convince a room of people (and me) that he was indeed almost 13.  he has a way with words.

not so quick, little one.

for his birthday he has requested a fire rescue truck (not to be confused with a hook and ladder firetruck), a Mercy Watson book, and M&Ms.  and when asked if he had something in mind for a birthday dinner?  “something crunchy like toast and a chocolate cake.”  there you have it.


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