making it known

this post is somewhat of a south florida growing season resolution. perhaps our gardening commitment will stand strong and firm if i put it in writing.

we’re trying our hand at more than herbs and jalapenos this year in our garden.  the potted herbs are doing just fine and our mammoth jalapeno plant will stay put in its pot because why mess with a good thing that produces other good things?

our back “yard” is a pool, a concrete slab, and a strip of rock and sand behind our cottage.  my dad and omar have been raking and digging and hauling that sandy area in the hopes that it can be turned into a productive little patch.  we’re starting small with just a 4X4 raised bed and some mexican petunia planted along the fence.  but there is space for a few more beds, a compost bin, and perhaps a banana plant or two.  cages are in the planning stages because rats and squirrels are frequent visitors, and the squirrels are bound and determined to plant all the peanuts a neighbor doles out to them (why??) in our yard and pots.  a friend told me the iguanas are back in her part of town after the freeze from two years ago.  a pellet gun will be purchased if they dare to come back to these parts.

it’s still on the warm side here but we’re starting to be able to spend more time outside when not in the pool without wasting away in the first five minutes.  the boys helped shovel and dump sand for a bit (i’m not sure if they fully understand that there is more of this in their future), and lenna is quick to dive headfirst into bags of potting soil.  the squirrels’ peanut-burying activities resulted in a thriving peanut plant that fascinated the boys.  we watched it grow and on monday they helped me pull off all the peanuts.  roasting was in the plans until i remembered i left the peanuts outside overnight.  i am now fairly certain that they are all safely tucked back into all our pots.  shoot.


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