food documentary #1   Forks Over Knives

i saw this one pop up on netflix and decided to give it a try.  this is a good one to watch, especially if you’re not sure what the benefits exactly are of eating a whole foods, mainly plant based diet.  there is nothing exactly earth-shattering in the film other than it drives home the point yet again that we cannot continue to eat the processed foods and the amount of meat we do without grave consequences.  but there are some eye-opening facts that have got to make anyone who sees this consider at least a few changes in what and how they eat.  the main scientist and doctor in the movie state that they believe the healthiest diets are ones that don’t contain any animal products, but they don’t come across angry about it. over the past several years we’ve reduced the amount of meat we eat, and watching something like this just encourages us to continue to do so.  omar is just thankful that this movie didn’t push me over the edge and make me want to try a meat-free diet.  no worries, my dear, we’re having chicken for dinner tonight.

food documentary #2   Kings of Pastry

and on the completely opposite end of the food spectrum…french pastry chefs.  i loved this.  i would have loved it more had i 1) not just watched the previous documentary and 2) had a plate of pastries on my lap.  it follows three pastry chefs as they prepare to compete for the highest honor a french pastry chef can receive, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman in France).  it is a competition that occurs every four years.  the finals are a three day event where over 40 individual items have to be made in front of the judges.  needless to say it’s stressful.  and beautiful.  the sugar sculptures are insane and pretty early on they let you know it’s not out of the ordinary for someone’s towering sugar sculpture to break during the competition.  someone’s does.  he cries.  the judges cry.  even i cry (just a few tears…).

favorite boy show #1  The Dick Van Dyke Show

oh my.  to say my boys love this show is to put it mildly.  physical comedy kills them.  cheesy physical comedy kills them even more.  i’ll be breaking out the charlie chaplin soon.  i have only ever seen a few of the shows so it’s fun to watch them together.  and it’s funny to listen to your boys quoting lines from the show while playing with their legos.


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