sitting for the day

today i sat at a desk from 9am-4pm.  it was both beautiful and brutal.  i attended a day long counseling seminar as a way to start easing my way back into schooling and studying.  i am content knowing that this will be a long and drawn out process that will most likely include many starts and stops as life and current responsibilities and desires and gifts all find a way to work together.

the way it pushed my brain in a different direction was a welcomed thing.  the way it pushed nothing else was not.  antsy does not even begin to describe how i felt physically. i almost volunteered to get up and serve snacks and drinks each session.  how do people sit still for that long??  at a particularly overly dramatic 3pm afternoon doldrums moment i even thought, “i don’t think i could be a full-time student again!”  reality then nudged me and reminded me classes don’t typically follow the 9-4 format.  whew.

but if i look back ten years, desk sitting was my norm and watching someone running around with a few kids would have made me want to take a 9-4 nap.

3 thoughts on “sitting for the day

  1. I took a two day, eight hours a day, Photoshop class and almost died in my chair. Like you, I was so incredibly antsy sitting still. And it kinda hurt my bum, too. Motherhood changes a girl!

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