september 7

today we found ourselves in the thick of Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress.  elisha is more wrapped up in the story than i thought he would be, and asher keeps trying to sneak ahead and look at pictures of dragons and giants.

i picked up Slow Cooker Revolution from the library.  i’m finding myself being more and more intrigued with the slow cooker.  i’m still not sure i understand the draw completely (not to mention leaving on a hot appliance for 3-8 hours) but the good people at America’s Test Kitchen are impressing me with their recipes for crock pot-style thai soup, pork chops, and mac and cheese.  a slow cooker should be an easy craigslist find, right?  and then if (when?) my slow cooker phase passes i won’t feel guilty.

my poached egg phase from last year sort of died down.  it’s been resurrected over the past week.  today it met up with the tostada obsession and guacamole obsession, and the three formed the perfect lunch.

today was the first day the littlest one spent most of her day walking rather than crawling.  of the three she’s had the hardest time getting this walking business down.  she’s been very hesitant, but she’s getting it.  her style has moved from tipsy sailor to confident tipsy sailor.


9 thoughts on “september 7

  1. i’ve had the slow cooker revolution on my desk for over a month now. i hope their recipes have more flavor than the usual crock pot dishes in my opinion. i remember once making a pork roast that called for an entire jar of horseradish and there wasn’t the faintest hint of horseradish-y goodness in the end!!! IF i ever get around to doing more than read the book, i’ll let you know. however, i’ve got this hang up with crock pot meals when it’s hot outside….. so that’s sort of a limiting factor. my family does not share the same hang up, so perhaps i should dive in.

    1. i like that on the whole there is an absence of canned condensed soup in their recipes. always a plus! i’m with you on the c.pot meals and heat. they don’t seem so appealing right now.

  2. I’ve made lasagna in the crockpot with some success, and I’ve tried cooking dried beans which I overcooked 😦 Pulled pork works really well, I have the recipe on my blog.
    I love the idea of the crockpot but I usually don’t want to make any recipe more than once even if it’s good (I’m not sure why).
    How’s homeschooling going?
    CC is going really well, you should stop by and check it out one of these weeks!

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