and it’s done

i have a habit of building things up.  building them up so much so that they can be kind of a let down when they happen.  flying over mt. rainier for the first time i actually thought, “hmm…that’s it?  it doesn’t seem that big.”  seriously?

when i decided that i wanted this past week to be our first week of “official” schooling i had big plans of celebratory breakfasts and school supplies and big fun times.  then the little voice in my head reminded myself of my mt. rainier let down tendencies.  i was building the whole thing up way too much in my head.  i was edging towards the “this is going to be the most wonderful school day EVER” territory and so i knew it was time to step back.  we just did it.  and the boys thought the old crayons and messy watercolors were wonderful.  the first days were quietly uneventful and good.  they stumbled and tripped through their first reading lessons, loving it one minute and fussing the next. they loved their math lessons and would’ve spent all day on them if i didn’t pry the books from their little hands. i read and read and read some more. i had to apologize more than i would like to admit for being short, and then the whole cycle repeated itself for a few more days.

one week down.


One thought on “and it’s done

  1. Way to go! Anything done faithfully will “work” when it comes to homeschooling. Even with broken crayons.

    Btw, where did you get those chairs? We are in the market for new dining room chairs. Nice!

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