up until about a week ago, a sure way to get lenna screaming would be to try and read her a book.  full-on flip out.  sometimes for kicks i would grab a book and show it to her and she would begin to vigorously shake her head “no.” a month or two ago omar and i talked about this and we both agreed that it was the result of being an ortiz third child.  evidently if you’re lucky number three in this house we will forget to pull out the board books and have some couch cuddle time and teach you things like animals noises and body parts.  and then around 13 months we’ll realize that when we try to start reading with you, you think it is some form of torture.

a week ago something changed and she now tolerates this whole book thing.  she realizes that you can flip through books and that some have pictures that are somewhat intriguing.  attempting to sit down and flip through one with her is still somewhat of a gamble in the shrieking department, but she’s coming around.


4 thoughts on “tolerating

  1. Frame, Schaeffer, Foote, Augustine….You’ve got some great books on that shelf. AND your daughter is incredibly cute. – from Tim
    From ana – HOW CUTE! I love what she’s wearing too. I cringe when our #3 looks through a book but i refrain from ripping it from his grubby fingers and let him explore it. hey, if it causes him to love books then it’s worth it!

  2. My kids usually learn to LOVE books when the next kid is born, and their Grandmother comes and spends 8 hours a day reading to them. That’s around 18 months at our house. Thankfully, #3 had the advantage of “coming of age” during some health problems, so I had a lot of extra time to sit on the couch and read. But in SO many areas it is a temptation to neglect those younger ones, and it seems to take purposeful action to avoid problems. We’re currently working hard on potty training (STILL!) and not shrieking when someone takes something from him. The others were way past this by almost three. Sigh.

    Lenna is beautiful- I love seeing you with a daughter!

  3. Our Jonathan is the same way with books. I agree that it has to be the third child thing. I feel so bad about it. He too is coming around very slowly. Most of the time, he just likes to tear the books a little piece off at a time. But at least he is looking at them. Right?

  4. yep, third child…i wonder if it is mentioned in any of the “birth order” books. maybe we should write one. patience totally lacks it when i pull out books and we spend the entire time doing a dodge and move thing where i keep trying to put it in front of her and she does her best to look another way. at least this gives me hope. 🙂

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